This page contains a collection of my short stories, and excerpts from some of my longer works. I have written a book length epic fantasy, which we’ll call Ravenspeak, but over time I’ve come to think it is really an historical fantasy set in 14th-century Brittany. Some day, I’ll go back to Ravenspeak and rework it, but for the moment my focus is on urban fantasy which is set in and around Detroit.  They all take place in the same created world, The Narrows. The inspiration for the setting goes back to the folk tales of fairies, goblins, dwarves and were-wolves that the first French settlers (mostly from Brittany) brought with them to New France. Detroit is a French name that roughly means The Narrows. Check back here for my latest work.

My stories are listed in the order I wrote them. Click on the title below to go directly to the story.

Georgianna and the Dragon – Prologue


Angelique and the Loup-Garou


~Image created by Paula Guthat~

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